Wellness Tools for YOU in 2012

by pamelawright on December 30, 2011

I’m so excited about the New Year!  Are you excited?  It’s going to be an AMAZING year!! 
Below, you’ll find 2 tools that will help you achieve your wellness goals in 2012.
Essential Oils 
I discovered essential oils this year and have been so blessed by them!  Have you tried them yet? 
Well, here’s my list of 12 essential oils for your success & wellness:  
  • Lavender for relaxation
  • Lemon for happiness
  • Grapefruit for happiness
  • Orange for happiness
  • Jasmine for romance
  • Rose for romance
  • Ginger for the immune system
  • Peppermint for focus & concentration; weight management 
  • Peace & Calming for peace and calm
  • Vetiver for balance and calm
  • Cinnamon for peace and relaxation
  • Frankincense for relaxation and balance
You can get more information about them in our Essential Oils Catalogue.  You’ll also find good articles about how to use them on our blog.  Just look in the essential oils category on the home page and you’ll see them.
Weight Management 
How are you doing with your eating?  Are you meeting your weight loss or weight management goals? 
The Eating Healthy Lifestyle Plan will show you how to lose weight and feel great in 2012.  Have you gotten this plan yet?  You can get more information about this plan at www.eatinghealthylifestyle.com.  In 2012, we’ll be offering an 8-week telecourse to help you implement our 7-step weight management system in your everyday life. 
We’re all about having a healthy body here.  So, we’re excited to offer you solutions that support your healthy body in 2012!
Happy New Year!!


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