Wellness in the City

by pamelawright on October 22, 2012

    (This article was written on Saturday night, October 20, 2012)
     Today, I fell in love with wellness in the city!  I spent over 4 hours at Burke Williams Spa in Old Town Pasadena.  I thought I was going for just a relaxing hot stone massage.  Little did I know that I was starting a new wellness tradition in my life!
     I had a fabulous time at Burke Williams!  From the time I arrived to the time I left I had a wonderful experience.  I enjoyed so many things today — the quiet room, the silent room, the hot stone massage, the steam room that refreshes you with eucalyptus oil, the cucumbers for my eyes, the peppermint and eucalyptus washcloth for my face, the dry sauna, the cold misting sauna, the jacuzzi and the list goes on. 
     I must say I really enjoyed the silent room.  I got to spend almost 2 hours after my hot stone massage relaxing there.  It’s a room where you can relax and enjoy silence. The lights are dim and you have privacy from the other women in the room via semi-partitions.  I loved it!  I truly enjoyed the silence and spent some of the time writing in my journal. 
     After the silent room I decided to try out the misting sauna that relaxes and rejuvenates you with eucalyptus oil in the mist.  From there I moseyed over to the dry sauna which was right next to the misting sauna.  I haven’t been in a dry sauna in awhile so it brought back memories.  After a few minutes in the dry sauna I got out and went into the cold misting sauna.  Next, I hopped into a private shower before enjoying the relaxing jacuzzi. 
     I had a wonderful day at Burke Williams enjoying all their amenitites!  As I write this I still feel very relaxed from my wonderful hot stone massage, sauna & jacuzzi experience.  As I was getting ready to leave Burke Williams, I couldn’t help but notice all the wonderful bath salts and soy candles they had for sale.  Of course… I had to buy one to support my relaxation at home.  I got a wonderfully scented Archipelago soy candle that blends French Jasmine, Lily of the Valley & Rose.  I have it lit right now and can smell its delightful fragrance as I write!
     What I know to be true is that I’m so grateful I made the decision to go to Burke Willimas for a hot stone massage today.  I had a fabulous experience and look forward to more wonderful days of relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation there!

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