Walking Refreshes Your Spirit

by pamelawright on August 13, 2012

 First, let me say, “I love going for a good walk!”  What about you?  I walk practically every day.  It’s one of my relaxation rituals. 

No matter how busy my day, when I go for my daily walk… the stress dissolves.  It’s such a good thing!  I like walking in my neighborhood and around Garfield Park.  I am grateful to live close to Garfield Park because it’s filled with so many beautiful trees that call out to me.  It feels like I have my own beautiful sanctuary in my backyard whenever I’m walking through there.  
I have found that walking helps me release stress as well as manage my weight.  I walk daily for fun and it helps me keep the weight off.  My walks are about 20-30 minutes and I always feel good after I’m done.  
There’s so many good benefits associated with walking.  If you wanna know more about that just google “benefits of walking.”  You’ll find tons of great articles!
Walking around Garfield Park definitely helps me relax & refresh naturally!  Where do you like to walk?

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