Top 7 Reasons I Love Virgin America!

by pamelawright on May 28, 2011

(first published March 31, 2011)

I am writing this article on Friday, March 25, 2011, while in the air on my first Virgin America flight. Do you wanna know a secret? I haven’t flown in over 9+ years. After September 11, 2001, I shut down to flying. It has taken over 9 years for me to step back on a plane.

During this time I’ve had 2 sons. So, I’ve kept myself busy with my family of 5 and running a business.

As a child I traveled solo alot from Las Vegas, Nevada to Detroit, Michigan to visit my Dad in the summer months. So, I’m no stranger to flying. As I look out my window seat I’m reminded of how much I love flying. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the clouds, sky and land below.

And as I look out my Virgin America window I can also see the end of a wing bedazzled with a red, white, and blue device that looks sorta like a cross between a flag and a paper airplane. Whatever it actually is doesn’t matter. All I know is that cute little device makes me smile!

Since there’s so many fun things to do on a Virgin America flight, you quickly forget you’re thousands of miles up in the air. I know that has been my experience today. Before I boarded I paid $2 to get cool headphones so I could listen to music, movies or other media. Can you tell I’m smitten with Virgin America?

So, here’s my list of the Top 7 Reasons I Love Virgin America (not in any order of preference):

1. You can listen to music;

2. You can watch a movie;

3. You can play an interactive game;

4. You can write in your journal;

5. You can read your book;

6. You can gaze out the window at nature;

7. You’re in the hands of a great crew.

The stewardess just said, “We’re approaching the Dallas area.” I’m so excited! I’m going to Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success Conference for the first time and know the trajectory of my life is about to change. How do I know this for sure? Well, I have a friend whose been personally mentored by Dani and she just raves about her.

What am I grateful for today? Well, beyond my husband who is taking care of our kids while I’m gone, I must say I’m so grateful for Virgin America. Yep… I just love this airline! Thank you Virgin America for expanding my world today!

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