Spirit Driven Success For Your Life

by pamelawright on January 30, 2014

This month I started reading Spirit Driven Success by Dani Johnson!  It’s a great book filled with spiritual principles that promote your success and prosperity.  Could you use a little more success & prosperity?  I heard about this book a while ago but did not buy it until a couple of weeks ago at one of Dani’s Spiritual Equipping events in Los Angeles. 

Dani Johnnson travels the word teaching people success principles they can use at work, at home, and in their community.  This month she was in Los Angeles over a weekend for her 2-day First Steps To Success seminar and held her Spiritual Equipping event that Saturday night.  She prayed for our success, prosperity, and wellness.  And she also shared scriptures and an incredible message from the heart.  Afterwards I bought my Sprit Driven Success book and the Spirit Driven Success audiotape series.

I’ve been enjoying Dani’s Spirit Driven Success book and audiotape series.  I have really been impacted by Joseph’s story in the Bible.  In Spirit Drive Success Dani examines the life of Joseph and how his faith and action made all the difference to his success.  Joseph was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers; rose up as an attendant to a top government official; thrown into prison by false testimony; and eventually placed second in command of Egypt.  His story is really amazing!

What I’m learning about Joseph is that he worked with a Spirit of Excellence regardless of his circumstances.  And God blessed his faith and action. I have found that the success in my life has also come from a willingness to maintain faith and action regardless of my circumstances.  Needless to say… Joseph inspires me!  His willingness to learn new skills and work hard regardless of his circumstances is a formula for success that is applicable today. 

In addition to sharing Joseph’s story, Dani shares an abundance of spirtual principles and scriptures that support success & prosperity in our 21st century economy.  I have found Spirit Driven Success to be a very inspiring book and audiotape series!

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