Relaxing Lavender

by pamelawright on March 19, 2015


What opens up for you when you feel relaxed?  I’ve found that relaxing puts me on the  road to feeling good.  Regardless of where I’m at lavender oil has a calming effect on me.  What about you?

Lavender oil is an adaptogen. It has natural properties that helps your body de-stress,  relax, and balance.  I use lavender oil at home and at the office.  When things get stressful I may put on some lavender oil or lavender lotion which brings a relaxing aroma to whatever room I’m in.  My family and co-workers like it.

Lavender oil is easy to use.  You can put a few drops on your wrists, behind your ears, neck, or wherever else you like.  Get ready to relax!

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