Have You Read the Book Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat?

by pamelawright on July 14, 2011

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me to get the book Ready, Fire, Aim.  As soon as she said those words “Ready, Fire, Aim” I recalled hearing good things about this book.  However, I hadn’t read it yet. 
Last week I ordered Ready, Fire, Aim and this week it arrived in my mailbox!  Have you heard about this book?  Have you read it yet?  If so, please share your comments about the book below.  What do you think about it?
I have read many business books but let me tell you, Ready, Fire, Aim is truly special!  I haven’t even finished the book yet but can tell you this book is the real deal from what I’ve read thus far on growing a business from zero to one million.  
The author of Ready, Fire, Aim is Michael Masterson who is a multi-millionaire (multiple times over) who has a gift for building successful businesses.  In my opinion, this book represents him giving back to the world community.  The advice he shares is golden!
In Ready, Fire, Aim, Masterson breaks businesses down into four growth stages: 0-$1 million in revenue, $1-$10 million in revenue, $10-$50 million in revenue, and $50-$100 million and beyond in revenue.  For purposes of this article, I’m focusing on the 0-$1 million growth stage.
One of the main things, Masterson discusses is how an entrepreneur MUST be about the business of selling.  He shares real life stories about entrepreneurs whose businesses succeeded or failed because of this one skill.  Thank goodness selling is a skill that can be learned by anyone!
In one story Masterson shares how one guy came to him for advice about his business but didn’t take it.  Masterson basically told the guy to invest $50,000 in testing the market to see if people would buy his product versus the millions that the guy inevitably spent only to learn that the market did not want what he was offering.  This story totally illustrates the concept — BEWARE the EGO! 
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Why would someone invest millions of dollars in an untested idea after being told not to do that by a successful multi-millionaire whose built many successful businesses.  This guy sunk millions into his project without even knowing if the market wanted to buy what he was offering.  What makes a person do that?  Again, BEWARE the EGO! 
For businesses in the 0-$1 million stage, Masterson is very clear about the need to start out of the gate selling.  He shares about the founder of Samuel Adams beer back in the early days having a conversation with his uncle who worked at Goldman Sachs.  The uncle called this guy and asked what he was doing.  The guy basically said he was dealing with a computer issue.  The uncle asked him about sales and found out he didn’t have any.  This wise uncle went on to tell his nephew that in all his years he didn’t see businesses with sales go under because of a computer issue but he did see businesses without sales fail!
This one conversation changed the perspective of the founder of Samuel Adams beer and he got busy selling.  He shares in the book about the founder of Samuel Adams being nervous about his first sales call but he did it any way and made the sale!  Samuel Adams is now a very successful beer brand. 
So, what do you think? How are you doing in the selling department?  Do you like to sell?  Do you need more training to develop this skill?  Whatever you decide, just be honest with yourself.  
I’d love to hear your thoughts about selling!  So, please leave a comment below.  I look forward to writing about topics you want to hear more about.

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Stephanie Owens July 18, 2011 at 10:04 pm

Ready, Aim, Fire sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. I love you take on it! I think of myself as a person who doesn’t like and isn’t good at selling. Yet I find that when I’m talking about something I have great passion for it’s compelling to others and I don’t feel like I’m selling!


pamelawright July 19, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Hey Stephanie! I think you’ll just love Ready, Aim, Fire!! It’s really practical and filled with great information. I know how you feel about selling. The idea of selling has never really appealed to me until now. I’ve had a shift as a result of learning from Dani Johnson (http://www.danijohnson.com) at her First Steps to Success conference. She’s amazing! In Ready, Aim, Fire, the author is so real about the need to be making sales in order to stay in business. I just love that!


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