Success Strategies for Kids with ADHD

         Does Your Child Have  ADHD?

 Success Strategies That Will Equip Your Child to Soar!


“My youngest comes home from school stressing himself out about homework (he couldn’t turn something in b/c he misplaced his vocab worksheet, etc). So, I put some Lavender Essential Oil behind his ears to help him relax and massaged the area. He calmed down and said something like, “That stuff works, Mom.”  

“Put some Lemon Essential Oil on my sons today at church to boost their attention span. They both have attention issues. My son with ADHD said something like, “This is great, Mom!” It helped them both.  Oh… Peppermint Essential Oil is also good for this purpose.”  

“This is what my son said after he tested some of our essential oils, ‘That’s really great, Mom!  They heighten your senses.’  He really likes the Peppermint Essential Oil.  It boosts his focus.” 


Project APPLE for Kids with ADHD was started by a mom whose sons have ADHD.  Our goal is to share good information that will equip children with ADHD for success.  It’s really that simple!

Are you wondering if APPLE is an acrostic?  Well… it is.  Here’s what it stands for:

  • Acceptance – Acceptance makes all the difference.  What does your child really need?
  • Plan – Make a plan for your child’s success.
  • Push – Push through your emotions every day to implement the plan. 
  • Learn – Learn from whatever you’re doing.  Assess as you go & grow.  
  • Exhale – Take time every day to exhale.  Breathe deeply.


FREE Resources Articles for Parents:

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FREE Resource Articles for Educators:  

Life Success for Children with Learning Issues: Educators’ Guide by the Frostig Center,

a mom’s view of ADHD,

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Pamela Wright who started this project is familiar with this world because she has two sons with ADHD.  Her quest for good information that will help her children has put her on this path.  She’s a lawyer by training and uses her researching skills to find good information, resources, and natural remedies that will help children with ADHD have abundant success in life!  

  If you have good information about anything that will help kids with ADHD or their parents, please feel free to leave a comment below.  It could be anything… your experience, your story, words of advice, insight, a tip, quote, book, resource, etc..   Thank you for sharing! 

“My son’s IQ is above most of the population. He has ADHD and getting homework done is our great adventure. I’m still at the drawing board tweaking a system to solve this issue. You gotta keep tweaking until you find what works for your child.”    

 ‎”… because my son’s state test scores were so high, the school didn’t want to meet his needs. Some of his grades reflected something was obviously not right but they looked the other way because of his high test scores. It was CRAZY what I had to go through to get the school to do what it should have done in the first place. I had to go to the next level and involve the school district. Fortunately, we reached an agreement without the need to take everyone to court. But we were fortunate because our health insurance paid for a high priced psycho-educational assessment which gave us the expert evidence we needed to support our case. A mom’s gotta do, what a mom’s gotta do!”   

“I’ve had to learn so much about ADHD & how children learn over the last several years in order to help my son. Figuring out a solution to these issues and implementing a plan is the parent’s job. The doctors & educators don’t really have the time to hold your hand through everything. It’s okay… you can figure this out!”    

Have You Heard About Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are nature’s living energy and ancient natural remedies.   They have naturally helped children relax and calm down.   These oils have also helped children focus naturally.  You can find more information about essential oils on Pamela’s Essential Oils page on this blog. 

Pamela’s sons have had a good experience using essential oils so she’s sharing this information with you.  She’s also had success using essential oils to relax naturally and boost her happiness!    

Learn More About Essential Oils NOW! 


 *The quotes on this page are shared by Pamela Wright. 

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