Hanging Out With My Husband

August 31, 2013

  (Pam’s note: I wrote this last month and forgot to post it.  Oh well… here it is now)  I woke up this morning, went to an appointment,  stopped by one of my favorite restaurants for breakfast, and then headed off to the beach.  My husband accompanied me on this journey and we had a great time just […]

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How To Make Your Own Lavender Bath Salt Scrub

July 30, 2013

Here’s an easy recipe for making your own lavender bath salt scrub! Ingredients:   Sea Salt; Coconut Oil; Lavender Oil Instructions:  Step 1 – Pour 1/4 cup of sea salt into a bowl Step 2 – Add as much coconut oil as you’d like to create consistency (you can substitute coconut oil with almond oil, olive oil, or another favorite depending on your […]

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3 Steps To Relaxing Sleep

June 14, 2013

Wanna sleep good?  Well, if you answered yes to the above question then this article is for YOU!  I’ve had sleep issues for many years so I appreciate relaxing sleep when it comes my way.  Several years ago I discovered lavender oil and it has changed the way I sleep! Here’s 3 steps to relaxing sleep that you can use every […]

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Deep Breathing For Relaxation

May 25, 2013

I wanna share with you a relaxing, calming breath that will enrich your life!  It’s called 3 Deep Breaths.  You can do it anywhere, 24/7 and experience the benefits.  I’ve used this breath at various times of day to relax and calm down.  It’s soothing to your central nervous system and will support your wellness.  Here’s some […]

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Relaxing Sleep

April 1, 2013

Lavender oil has so many benefits!  Today, I wanna share with you a simple, easy way to use lavender oil at night for relaxing sleep.   Step 1 – After you get in bed for the night, put a few drops of lavender oil on the soles of your feet Step 2 – Rub the […]

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Yoga for Relaxation

March 11, 2013

March 9, 2013  When I awoke this morning I knew it was time for me to trek back over to my favorite kundalini yoga class in Hollywood!  I just love kundalini yoga because it’s so nurturing to my heart, body, and soul. It has been over one year since I’ve been to that kundalini yoga class.  Why?  Well, life has […]

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3 Deep Breaths

February 21, 2013

3 Deep Breaths is a calming & relaxing exercise!  You can do it at home, in your office, or on-the-go.  It’s easy and can be done in 30-seconds or less. Step 1 – Put your hands on your lap palms facing up Step 2 –  Close your eyes Step 3 – Inhale through your nose Step 4 – Hold […]

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Sleep Good At Night

January 19, 2013

Do you have sleep issues?  When I was a baby my Dad used to drive me around in the car to get me to fall asleep at night.  I guess you can say I’ve had sleep issues for a long time! : )  I’m 47-years old now and I still have vague memories of my Dad driving me around until […]

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1 Happy Thing

December 29, 2012

1 Happy Thing is a grassroots campaign about doing at least 1 thing every day that makes YOU happy! : )  It’s simple, fun and easy!   All you need to do to be involved is do at least one thing every day that makes you happy.  Here’s some examples of things that make me happy:  going for a walk lighting my fragrant […]

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PTSD Natural Stress Relief System

December 16, 2012

    If you’re reading this article I’m assuming you have PTSD (aka Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), know someone who has PTSD or are curious about the topic.  Managing PTSD naturally is very important to me because I have PTSD and don’t like using meds for stress relief.  I like essential oils because they’re natural […]

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