Mommy… Flying Solo on Virgin America!

by pamelawright on May 28, 2011

(first published March 23, 2011)

In two days I’m heading off to Dallas for a business trip. What for? Well, I’m so excited to share I’ll be at Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success conference in Dallas, Texas! A friend of mine whose mentored by Dani encouraged me to go. You may have seen Dani recently on Oprah, the View or Secret Millionaire. On Secret Millionaire, she spent a week living in a low income neighborhood in Knoxville, Tennessee. At the end of the week, she revealed her secret identity (she was a millionaire) and donated $100,000 between three charities she had volunteered at during the week along with a family she had served that week.

I enjoyed watching Dani’s episode of Secret Millionaire with my family. At one point my 14-year old son said, “She seems very self-empowered.” I thought, “Wow.. he’s impacted!” My 10-year old son was also impacted by Dani’s stint volunteering at the music school. I think it impacted him that there’s students who cannot afford to get their own instruments or be exposed to music lessons. My son plays flute in the school band and also likes playing guitar.

As we watched Dani’s adventures, I excitedly shared, this is who I’ll be learning from in Dallas in a few weeks. My husband and sons were impressed by Dani’s generous heart. I think seeing her generous spirit opened their hearts even more to understanding why I was going away to a biz conference in a few weeks to learn from her.

I’ll tell you a secret. It’s actually funny to me that Dani’s conference is called “First Steps to Success.” My first step actually began before the conference begins. I’ll tell you how. I haven’t been on a biz trip out-of-state without my kids in over 10 years. While, I’ve gone away on a few biz trips overnight, I haven’t been so far away that I couldn’t jump in a car and be home in 4-6 hours.

Needless to say, going to Dallas is taking me out of my comfort zone! Dani just had a biz conference in Los Angeles (which is my backyard) earlier this year. I wasn’t focused on going to that one. Truth is…I didn’t even know about that conference until it was over. So now I’m focused on attending Dani’s next conference and that one happens to be in Dallas (thousands of miles away!). I think that’s funny! I’ve even asked God, “Why… do I have to go to Dallas?” “Why didn’t I go to the one that was in LA in January?” I know God knows…

So, I’m trusting that God will work everything out while I’m gone. On Sunday, I cried and cried. I also cried yesterday. I don’t like the idea of not being able to jump in my car and get to my kids in 4-6 hours. That is my comfort zone about leaving my kids for biz. But now I’ve adopted a new mindset about things. I am serving not only a global community of clients through my biz expansion but also my family. So, I’m surrendering my need to be in control of everything regarding my kids and relying on God’s power in this situation. My husband and boys will be fine. And so will I. I’m so excited to go learn, make new friends, and grow!

This Friday, I’ll be the mommy flying solo on Virgin America!

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