Lavender Oil

by pamelawright on June 3, 2012

Do you use lavender oil?  Lavender oil has been around for centuries.  It’s an ancient oil that has served humanity for a very long time.  I’m amazed at the benefits lavender oil can bring to your life.  I didn’t discover it until my 40s so that’s probably why I feel so passionately about it.

 Lavender is an adaptogen which means it has properties that helps your body handle stress or imbalances.  Did you know that?  I surely didn’t!  I didn’t find out about that until I had experienced the soothing benefits of lavender oil. 
I use lavender oil in my weekly routine to handle stress as needed.  You might find me putting some on during the day, at night or both.  It depends on how I’m feeling.  I carry it with me in my purse so I have access to it 24/7 wherever I go.  As an attorney I deal with stressful cases every day.  Additionally, I also deal with daily stress as a mom and wife running a household.
You can find out more about the amazing benefits of lavender oil at

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