Why Lavender Oil Is Good For You

by pamelawright on July 1, 2012

Did you know that lavender oil is an adaptogen?  That means it has natural properties that help your body balance stress and bring you back to a state of harmony.  I remember when I first read about this earlier in the year.  I wasn’t totally convinced.  But, I can tell you now — beyond a reasonable doubt… it’s true! 
I have been an attorney practicing law in California for over 17 years now.  And for the past dozen years, I’ve been practicing family law.  About 3 months ago I took a new job working as a children’s attorney in the juvenile court.  I advocate for children in the foster care system and represent their interests in court. 
The last 3 months have been challenging, exhausting and exciting!  I have repeatedly said that I feel like I’m working in an ER — except that I’m handling court hearings and trials.  My personal mission in this new job is to keep children safe.
I can honestly tell you that lavender oil helps me relax & balance stress weekly!  My work is very rewarding, however, it’s also very stressful.  As a result I have to make sure I have a daily plan for staying healthy.
I carry lavender oil in my purse on-the-go.  So, I can use it whenever I want.  On any given day you might find me putting some on my fingers in the morning and massaging my temples and scalp.  This is relaxing and also happens to be good for my hair!
I also enjoy putting some on my feet and legs before I go to sleep.  This brings relaxation and rest!  Basically, you can use lavender oil any time you want to relieve stress.  It works whenever and wherever you are.  I’d love to hear your experiences with lavender oil so feel free to share below.

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