My Happy List

by pamelawright on October 30, 2013

I was thinking yesterday about the things that make me happy.  Earlier in the day I was discussing the topic of happiness with a friend.  We had a great conversation and it inspired me to make a list.  Here’s some things on my happy list (not in any particular order):

  • going to the beach
  • going to my favorite yoga class
  • walking through my favorite park
  • seeing my favorite trees
  • fun times with family/friends/co-workers
  • snapping pics of flowers
  • seeing the moon
  • seeing the sun
  • using my essential oils
  • grateful clients
  • winning cases
  • helping orphans & underprivileged children
  • watching good movies
  • reading good books
  • listening to good music
  • doing yoga
  • doing meditation 
  • going camping
  • eating healthy
  • going on my daily walk
  • etc.

Every time I look at this list it reminds me that I experience happy moments every day! : )

What’s on your happy list?

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