Divorce Can Happen To Anyone

by pamelawright on February 10, 2012

I was standing in the supermarket line late Tuesday night and noticed the Hollywood tabloids were hot on the trail of the latest celebrity divorces, break ups and separations. I thought how stressful that must be for the parties involved and their children. After handling divorces for over ten years, I can confirm that the divorce process is a very difficult experience for most people. So, I can only imagine how challenging it must be for those going through it under the Hollywood spotlight and scrutiny of so many people who want to judge them.

In California there’s definitely no shortage of people getting divorced. The lines to get in the courthouse in the morning are long and many of the family law litigants are representing themselves these days because they cannot afford an attorney. Through the years I’ve come to know that divorce can happen to anyone regardless of their economic status or religious affiliation. I’ve represented the very wealthy and the not so wealthy. I’ve also represented people who go to church regularly and people who do not.

After ten+ years of handling divorces I can tell you this… divorce does not discriminate. It affects the lives of countless people every year who have nothing in common other than the fact that they’re going through a divorce. I remember when Brittany Spears was going through a divorce and the uproar that created at the courthouse. I also remember when Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin were going through their divorce. That created a stir too. I’m currently handling a paternity case in front of the judge who handled the Basinger/Baldwin divorce.

Divorce just like stress can happen to anyone! In the 90s, I went through my own divorce in New Jersey. It was challenging but I had a good strategy and plan that helped me get through it. Having a good strategy, plan and advisors make navigating through this difficult process much more manageable.

Here’s 3 things every person going through a divorce will benefit from:

  • Compassion and support through the divorce process instead of judgment
  • Essential oils to help them relax at night (ie lavender oil, peace & calming oil, frankincense oil)
  • Daily exercise (walking, stretching, etc.) to help release stress from their muscles and body

Ultimately, divorce is a time for transformation so going through it with a good strategy and plan is a good thing.

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