Counting Calories

by pamelawright on March 17, 2012

I have found that counting calories is key to natural weight loss! What about you? Do you count calories?

I know there’s so many views about counting calories. All I can say about that is… counting calories helped me lose over 29 lbs naturally! There are periods of time during the year when I am challenged with emotional eating. For me… I have to stay aware around the holidays particularly Christmas. And even if I’m doing well calorie wise during Christmas I find the first quarter of the year can be challenging as I’m processing feelings that have arisen from Christmas.

In addition to certain holidays, I also have to stay aware of my eating when I’m going through emotional situations in my life (ie relationships, business related, etc.). Since I’m an emotional eater at times, counting calories helps me stay on track. I’m not one who can just eat til she’s satisfied and stop because when I’m feeling emotional I can snack on carbs all day… and not feel satisfied. Do you know what I mean? So, planning my meals and counting calories as I go helps me stay on track. Whenever I fall off track for whatever reason, getting back on track for me starts with counting calories. It’s my secret tool for natural weight loss! : )

So, how’s your eating going? Are you on track with your weight loss goals?

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