The Beauty of Relaxing Incense

by pamelawright on February 12, 2015

white rose

My new favorite thing is incense!  For a long time I didn’t like incense.  However, that changed last year and I discovered the beauty of relaxing, fragrant incense for stress relief.

Last year my favorite kundalini yoga studio in Hollywood closed so I started going to their sister studio in Santa Monica.  Across from this studio I discovered a wonderful little shop that sells trinkets and all types of incense.  They have sooo many different fragrances to choose from.  It’s just wonderful!

I noticed at the yoga studio that they had incense burning and I liked the relaxing scent.  So, I decided one day to get some for my home.  I’m happy I did because to my surprise my boys and husband like it too.  We all like the fragrant scent of incense.  It’s relaxing!

These days my favorite incense fragrance is Gardenia!  What’s yours?  It smells sooo good and encourages the soul!

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