A Lawyer’s Life: Going With The Flow In Your Life

by pamelawright on September 3, 2012

I’ve been practicing law in the Los Angeles area for a very long time now.  After graduating from law school in 1991 I moved to San Diego for a judicial clerkship.  I worked with judges at the San Diego Superior Court for two years before jumping into the world of law firms and private practice. 

My first law firm job was at a big toxic tort firm in downtown Los Angeles.  This firm was something like the one you saw in the Erin Brockovich film.  Did you see that movie?  Well, the firm I worked for was like the one that partnered up with the Masry & Vititoe law firm to handle the big groundwater contamination case.  After that job I went to work in the corporate law department for Wells Fargo Bank.  And after that I went on to open my own law firm. 

In my own practice I’ve handled various family law matters including divorce and child custody cases.  Before I landed my current job, I remember thinking how much I’d like to focus on handling just child custody cases one day.  At that time I didn’t know I’d be working as a children’s attorney a few years later.  I started my children’s attorney position this year and I’m really grateful to have the privilege of representing abused and neglected children in the foster care system.

After practicing law for over 19 years, I’ve experienced a lot of change in my career.  One of the things I know for sure these days is that change is a constant in this world… regardless of where you work (ie inside and/or outside the home).  It’s part of nature and I’ve found that accepting it makes life easier.  What are you learning these days about life?  Ultimately, there’s a flow to life and learning to adapt and go with the flow is a good thing!

Life is so amazing and ever evolving just like the moon!

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