9 Ways to Enjoy Life Every Day

by pamelawright on August 31, 2011

This morning I woke up happy!  That is not always the case.  We all struggle from time to time and I’m no exception.  Regardless of how I wake up though,  it’s my goal to enjoy life every day.  I believe we must make the most of every day and find joy.  Why?  Well, life is precious and finding joy every day makes you happy!

 Here’s my list of 9 ways to enjoy life every day:

  1. Give a smile and/or hug
  2. Pick or buy flowers for your home
  3. Take a walk through your local park and soak in nature
  4. Get ice cream or yogurt at your local ice cream or yogurt parlour
  5. Light a fragrant, soy candle
  6. Make a yummy dessert
  7. Meditate on good things for 30-seconds
  8. Go on a prayer walk    
  9. Enjoy your family & friends

You’ll find that some of the things on this list can be done with your kids, spouse, or friends.  As well, you’ll find things you can do alone. 

It has been my experience that gratitude is the path to joy.  So, when I find gratitude… I find joy!   

Where will you find joy today?  On your path, I want you to encourage someone today.  When you’re done, let me know how it went.   Have a great day!


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