5 Amazing Days in Costa Rica

by pamelawright on August 6, 2015

Costa Rica is an amazing place!  My trip there came about in a whirlwind over 2 months.  In May my daughter convinced me to send her brothers on a summer vacation to visit her in Manhattan for a week.  I wasn’t going to do it because I was saving up for her wedding in France next year but she pleaded with me and won out after convincing me that this would be a wonderful experience for her brothers.

Once that decision was made I started percolating on the idea of my husband & I taking advantage of this opportunity and going somewhere ourselves this summer.  I thought “Why not?” and pondered.  We had never gone on vacation together without the kids since the boys were born.  We had a small window of opportunity and the time to act was now.  I came home one day and said to my husband, “Let’s go to Costa Rica while the boys are in New York.”  He responded “Yes…!” instantly.  It turns out he had been thinking about going to Costa Rica too that same day.

We jumped on this opportunity and got everything we needed for international travel completed quickly.  I got my 1st passport ever and prepared for adventure!

I had heard a lot of good things about Costa Rica from my co-worker who’s from Costa Rica so I thought I’d like it.  However, I was still uncertain about how much I’d like it and wondered if I would feel like I was in a different place.  As I write this article I’m looking out our sliding glass patio doors at tall. green, wispy palm trees that frame a beautiful blue ocean that goes as far as the eye can see.

On this trip my husband and I have enjoyed the following:

  • the beach 
    waves on beach
  • delicious food
  • beautiful flowers
  • yellow and orange sunsets sunset
  • great music
  • surfing
  • yoga on the beach
  • spa experience including a natural volcanic mud wrap and mango sugar scrub on different days
  • spotting a 9-foot crocodile while traveling up the river in a little red boat with a local guide pam looking for crocodiles
  • seeing monkeys hanging out up in the trees in a dry forest
  • hiking through the rainforest to the turquoise celeste river which has an amazing waterfall  rainforest waterfall
  • spotting a blue morpho butterfly, toucan, and other wildlife on our rainforest hike azul lagoon
  • and the list goes on  chris and pam waterfall

I am grateful for Costa Rica and her pura vida lifestyle.  I’m also happy to take some of this pura vida home with me.  I look forward to more fun, adventure, and relaxation in Costa Rica! 


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