3 Steps To Relaxing Sleep

by pamelawright on June 14, 2013

Wanna sleep good? 

Well, if you answered yes to the above question then this article is for YOU!  I’ve had sleep issues for many years so I appreciate relaxing sleep when it comes my way.  Several years ago I discovered lavender oil and it has changed the way I sleep!

Here’s 3 steps to relaxing sleep that you can use every day:

Step 1 –  Get a bottle of Young Living’s 100% natural, therapeutic-grade lavender oil.  It’s simply the best and will change the way you sleep. 

Step 2 –  Put some lavender oil on the soles of your feet and legs after you’re in bed for the night.   

Step 3 –  Take three deep breaths.  Inhale counting to 10 silently, hold counting to 10 silently, exhale counting to 10 silently

Now, get ready to sleep good!

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